Israeli Intelligence Faces Criticism After Failing to Anticipate Recent Hamas Attack

Israeli Intelligence Faces Criticism After Failing to Anticipate Recent Hamas Attack
PHOTO - Telegraph - Israeli Intelligence Faces Criticism After Failing to Anticipate Recent Hamas Attack
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Israeli officials are under scrutiny for a major intelligence lapse that led to a recent attack by Hamas, as reported by James Rothwell. According to an assessment by Israeli security services, it was mistakenly concluded last week that Hamas did not seek to provoke a full-scale war with Israel. This error in judgment has raised questions about Israel’s intelligence capabilities and led to the assault that occurred on Saturday.

The assessment, detailed in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, stated that Hamas aimed to avoid a full-fledged war with Israel. Israeli officials were unaware of the plans for the combined rocket assault and raids in the southern region. Additionally, it was believed that Hamas did not want to jeopardize the improvements in the lives of Gaza residents, referring to economic incentives offered by Israel, such as work permits.

The attack resulted in a death toll that climbed to as high as 600, including civilians who were targeted and hostages taken by terrorists. This multi-pronged assault involved ground, sea, and air incursions into southern Israel, indicating meticulous planning.

Among the casualties were at least 26 Israeli soldiers, most of whom were aged 19-21, according to a list of names released by the army on Sunday morning. Some insiders in Israel have suggested that the focus on the West Bank following months of tensions and shootings in settlements may have contributed to the lapse in security.

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The attack has been strongly condemned in Israeli media, with some outlets calling it the country’s worst security failure in 50 years. Critics have stated that not even the complete destruction of Gaza and the deaths of all Hamas leadership members would compensate for this failure.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has faced criticism for his handling of the situation. Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong confirmed that as of Monday morning, no Australians had been reported killed, hospitalized, or taken hostage in Israel.

While Israeli army officials have acknowledged the need for a discussion on what went wrong, their current focus remains on the ongoing battle with Hamas. Israel had previously employed a strategy of balancing military confrontations with Hamas with economic easing in Gaza, including permits allowing Gazans to work in Israel. This approach was based on the belief that Hamas preferred to minimize direct confrontations with Israel.

The intelligence failure has highlighted vulnerabilities in Israel’s security and called into question its layered approach toward Gaza.

Source: Telegraph, London

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