Tragedy Strikes St. Lucy’s School: Remembering 10-Year-Old Sanad Shahriar

tragedy strikes st lucys school remembering 10 year old sanad shahriar
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Wahroonga Grieves the Loss of Sanad Shahriar: A Community United in Sorrow

In a somber incident that occurred at St. Lucy’s School in Wahroonga, 10-year-old student Sanad Shahriar lost his life after becoming trapped under a school lift. This tragedy has prompted an outpouring of tributes and condolences, as the school community and beyond mourn the loss of a young life.

The principal of St. Lucy’s School, David Raphael, conveyed the school’s profound sorrow in a letter addressed to parents. He extended the school community’s thoughts and prayers to Sanad’s family, friends, and the wider school community while describing the young boy as “beautiful.” In his message, Raphael also acknowledged the distressing nature of the news and mentioned that the school is in the process of preparing resources to help children understand the passing of Sanad.

On the fateful day of the incident, emergency services rushed to St. Lucy’s in Wahroonga, but despite their best efforts to free Sanad from the lift, the young boy tragically lost his life at the scene.

Starting from the upcoming Monday, each class group within the school, which caters to children with disabilities, will take part in a special tribute. Additionally, counseling and support from psychologists will be made available to both staff and students as they navigate this difficult time.

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The surrounding community, as well as students from nearby schools, have left heartfelt tributes at the front entrance of the St. Lucy’s School campus. Paper hearts adorned with handwritten messages have been attached to the school’s front gates, serving as a poignant testament to the love and sympathy extended to Sanad and his family.

A police presence remained at the school on Friday, and authorities, in collaboration with SafeWork NSW, have launched an investigation to ascertain the details surrounding the tragic incident.

On social media, friends of the Shahriar family left tributes within a Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology alumni Facebook group, where Sanad’s father was an esteemed member. They remembered the young boy as “sweet little Sanad” and shared their condolences.

St. Lucy’s School has a rich history, founded in 1938 by the Dominican sisters to provide education to blind children. Over time, it expanded its mission to cater to children with a wide range of disabilities, including mild-to-severe intellectual disability, autism, and sensory impairments. What initially began as a primary school has since broadened its scope, opening enrolments to year 7 students in 2019, and will transition to a complete kindergarten to year 12 school next year.

The tragedy at St. Lucy’s School has elicited deep sympathy and support from various quarters. Anthony Randazzo, the bishop of the Catholic diocese of Broken Bay, expressed his profound sadness upon learning of the tragic death. He called upon Danny Casey, the diocese’s schools director, to offer support to the school community during this trying time, and invited the community of Broken Bay to join in offering prayers as they collectively mourn the loss of young Sanad Shahriar.

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