Russian State TV Urges Citizens to Follow North Korean Lifestyle

Russian state media is encouraging its citizens to adopt aspects of North Korean life as Russia faces challenges on multiple fronts.
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In a recent Russian television broadcast, state-controlled media has begun advocating for ordinary Russians to adopt the lifestyle of North Korea. This comes at a time when Russia is grappling with Western sanctions, resistance in Ukraine, and a lack of allies.

During a broadcast of “Full Contact,” State TV host Vladimir Solovyov, a prominent supporter of the Putin regime, acknowledged that Russia’s only allies are Iran and North Korea.

As North Korean leader Kim Jong Un toured Russia, state-controlled media attempted to convince Russians that they should look to North Korea as a model. Sergey Mikheyev, speaking on “The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov,” described Kim Jong Un as unpredictable and praised North Korea’s ability to resist Western pressure due to its spartan lifestyle.

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Mikheyev noted that while life in North Korea might not be luxurious, it is not as dire as portrayed by Americans. He argued that American sanctions are only effective on those who have significant ties to the West. He highlighted that North Koreans don’t have access to many Western products, making them less susceptible to such sanctions.

Mikheyev also welcomed the rumored visit of Vladimir Putin to North Korea, predicting increased cooperation between Russia and North Korea. He emphasized that North Korea, once ridiculed in Moscow, now serves as a model of independence and unpredictability.

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On another program, “Day Z,” host Yulia Vityazeva showcased a Russian military choir performing in Pyongyang. She noted that the North Korean audience appeared healthy and well-fed, countering stereotypes of widespread starvation. An economist on the show explained that audience members for such events are often carefully selected.

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Vityazeva expressed a different view of Kim Jong Un, saying that while he is called a dictator in the West, Russian attitudes toward him are different. She suggested that Russia’s adherence to sanctions against North Korea might be waning.

During “Karnaukhov’s Labyrinth,” host Sergey Karnaukhov criticized the hedonistic lifestyle adopted by many Russians after the dissolution of the USSR. He blamed this lifestyle for the emigration of wealthy citizens and highlighted North Korea as a country with a resilient economic system.

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Karnaukhov urged Russians to reconsider their way of life, suggesting that the pursuit of hedonism had led to the degradation of the country. He proposed that North Korea’s values and lifestyle offer an alternative worth exploring.


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