Tragedy Strikes as Church Roof Collapses in Mexico

Tragedy Strikes as Church Roof Collapses in Mexico
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In northeastern Mexico, a tragic incident occurred on Sunday as the roof of a church collapsed during a service, resulting in at least seven fatalities, according to local officials. The incident took place in Ciudad Madero, a coastal town in the Tamaulipas state.

Reports from local media indicate that a baptism was being celebrated inside the Santa Cruz local parish when the ceiling suddenly gave way. As a result, 10 individuals have been rescued and are receiving medical attention, while there are concerns for the safety of more people still trapped under the rubble.

Tamaulipas state government spokesperson stated, “Seven people are confirmed dead, and 10 injured people have been rescued.” The spokesperson also mentioned ongoing rescue efforts to reach those who remain trapped.

Governor Americo Villarreal of Tamaulipas took to social media to express condolences and assure that security and civil protection forces were actively coordinating rescue plans.

Images broadcasted on Milenio Television depicted the immediate aftermath of the collapse, with bystanders and first responders working together to support the damaged structure and search for survivors. Rescuers, at times, raised their fists to signal silence in hopes of hearing calls for help from those still stuck under the debris.

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A video from a nearby security camera captured the moment of the collapse, showing the church building disappearing into a cloud of dust.

The bishop of the local diocese, Jose Armando Alvarez, addressed the situation on social media, stating, “We are experiencing a very difficult moment… the roof of a church has collapsed during the celebration of the Eucharist.” He noted that efforts were underway to rescue individuals trapped beneath the rubble.

Local residents also utilized social media to request tools such as hydraulic lifts, wood, and hammers to aid in the ongoing rescue operation.

Ciudad Madero, a city with a population of just over 200,000, is situated on the Gulf of Mexico coast.

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