Adam Kinzinger’s Family Disowns Him Over Loss of Sean Hannity’s Trust

adam kinzingers family disowns him over loss of sean hannitys trust
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In a recent CNN interview, former Representative Adam Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois, revealed that his family disowned him following his departure from Congress and what he perceives as the loss of trust from prominent Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Kinzinger, known for his outspoken criticism of former President Trump, shared that his family had sent him a certified letter formally disavowing him. The letter expressed their belief that he had lost the trust of influential figures like Sean Hannity, even describing him as a member of the “devil’s army.”

Kinzinger’s decision to leave Congress, driven by his disagreements with the Republican Party, had far-reaching consequences. He disclosed that it led to a barrage of death threats against both himself and his family. These threats included calls from individuals who explicitly threatened the life of his then 5-month-old child or expressed a wish for the child’s demise.

In conjunction with this interview, Kinzinger was offering a glimpse into his forthcoming book, titled “Renegade,” which was set to be released the following day.

Reflecting on his political identity, Kinzinger acknowledged that considering himself a Republican had become a challenging question for him. However, he emphasized his reluctance to relinquish the fight to revitalize the Republican Party, asserting that the country requires two robust political parties – a healthy Democratic Party and an equally robust Republican Party. He asserted his intent to retain the Republican title.

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Nonetheless, he committed to voting for President Biden in the event of a potential rematch between Biden and Trump in the 2024 presidential election. He voiced his concerns about the consequences of another Trump term, describing it as a potential descent into “authoritarianism.” He also raised alarms about the possibility of a second insurrection resembling the events of January 6, 2021, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding democracy. According to Kinzinger, the guardrails of democracy held during the first insurrection, but they may not survive a second assault, as those who seek to undermine the system have become more familiar with its vulnerabilities.

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