Cohen Accuses Trump’s Sons of Lying Under Oath in Fraud Trial

cohen accuses trumps sons of lying under oath in fraud trial
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Michael Cohen, the former attorney and close associate of ex-President Donald Trump, criticized the recent testimony provided by Trump’s sons in the ongoing New York civil fraud trial.

Cohen shared his thoughts on the matter during an interview with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, focusing on the former president, his sons, and the ongoing fraud trial in which he had previously testified.

Expressing his belief that both of Trump’s children provided false information while under oath, Cohen suggested they were “emulating their father’s behavior.” He went on to describe the former president as someone who lies as naturally as one breathes, insinuating that his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, were following suit. Cohen questioned their judgment by asking, “How stupid do they have to be?”

During their consecutive testimonies on Thursday, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump disavowed any involvement in their father’s financial statements and attempted to distance themselves from the financial records of the Trump Organization. These records are pivotal in the case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, accusing the Trump family and their organization of manipulating asset values to obtain tax reductions and favorable insurance coverage.

Cohen expressed doubts about the level of legal preparation the Trump sons received before their testimonies. He also pondered whether they took the trial seriously, given their demeanor.

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Notably, Michael Cohen, previously a devoted personal attorney for Trump who once stated he would “take a bullet” for his boss, assumed a significant role as a key witness in the fraud trial.

However, Cohen reported facing numerous threats from Trump supporters after it was revealed he would be testifying, signifying the deterioration of their relationship over recent years.

Inside the courtroom, tensions between Cohen and Trump escalated. Cohen admitted to feeling nervous about testifying but later claimed to have experienced a profound emotional detachment when facing his former employer during the trial.

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