Florida Lottery Unwraps Festive Fortunes: New Holiday Scratch-Off Games with Prizes Soaring Up to $2 Million

florida lottery unwraps festive fortunes new holiday scratch off games with prizes soaring up to 2 million
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In preparation for the holiday season, the Florida Lottery has introduced four exciting scratch-off games, promising a sleigh-load of prizes. These festive additions include the $2,000,000 Triple Match, $1,000,000 Triple Match, $50,000 Triple Match, and $10,000 Triple Match.

The $2,000,000 Triple Match, priced at $10, presents players with three pathways to play and win. Boasting a total cash prize pool exceeding $147 million, including six top prizes of $2 million, the game offers overall winning odds of 1-in-3.44.

For those seeking a million-dollar thrill, the $1,000,000 Triple Match scratch-off, priced at $5, offers over $62 million in prizes. With more than 4.4 million winning tickets and six top prizes of $1 million, players face overall winning odds of 1-in-3.95.

Stepping into the affordable category is the $2 scratch-off game, the $50,000 Triple Match. With a chance to instantly win up to $50,000, the game entices players with odds of 1-in-4.41.

Turning a mere dollar into a potential jackpot, the $10,000 Triple Match game promises a share of over $13 million in cash prizes, distributed among more than 4.4 million winning tickets. The game’s overall winning odds are 1-in-4.87.

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In a bid to sweeten the deal, the Florida Lottery offers a second chance for those holding non-winning Triple Match scratch-offs or Jackpot Triple Play tickets. These individuals can enter the $5,000,000 Holiday Bonus Promotion, vying for cash prizes of up to $20,000. The promotion also includes over $4 million in instant-win spending spree e-gift cards and more than 50,000 lottery coupons.

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