In-Flight Dispute Forces Emergency Landing, FBI Probes Incident

in flight dispute forces emergency landing fbi probes incident
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Jacksonville, FL – A Breeze Airways flight from Orlando to Rhode Island was forced to make an emergency landing in Jacksonville on Tuesday evening due to a reported “passenger disturbance,” according to information from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and NBC Affiliate WESH.

The incident occurred around 6 p.m. when Flight 717 landed at Jacksonville International Airport. Breeze Airways revealed that an argument between two passengers had escalated, leading to a “perceived security threat.”

In a statement to WESH, the airline said, “Safety is our top priority, and we take threats of any kind very seriously. We are committed to assisting law enforcement with the investigation into this incident.”

The FBI is currently investigating reports of a threat, although, upon the flight’s initial landing in Jacksonville, there was no indication of a “legitimate threat” at that time, as stated by the FBI to WESH.

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The airline is providing accommodations for affected passengers, and a rescheduled flight to Providence is set for Wednesday morning. The situation is under investigation, and updates will be available as the story develops.

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