Mike Pompeo Expresses Support for Glenn Youngkin’s Presidential Potential

mike pompeo expresses support for glenn youngkins presidential potential
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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently discussed Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s potential presidential aspirations during the “Red Vest Retreat” in Virginia Beach. The event drew donors from across the country, prompting discussions about Youngkin’s possible entry into the 2024 presidential race. Pompeo, in an exclusive interview with CBS News, expressed his opinion that Youngkin would be a capable leader and could effectively represent the American people as president.

The Iowa caucuses, which mark the first Republican presidential primary contest, are approximately three months away in mid-January. Should Youngkin decide to run, he would join a competitive field of GOP candidates who have been actively campaigning in early states with established ground operations. Additionally, given the approaching deadlines for ballot access in various states, it is possible that he may not appear on the ballot in some locations. Nevada’s deadline, for instance, passed on October 16.

Pompeo emphasized that it is still early in the process and that the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election has yet to be determined.

Notably, Pompeo had previously considered seeking the GOP nomination but decided against it in April. The two-day “Red Vest Retreat” at the historic Cavalier hotel in Virginia Beach aimed to gather donors and political operatives to support Youngkin in the upcoming Virginia midterm elections. Youngkin’s objectives include shifting the state Senate to Republican control and retaining the House of Delegates.

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Pompeo, who was invited by Youngkin to speak at the event and considers him a friend, revealed that he has not contributed to Youngkin’s fundraising efforts but is contemplating doing so. Pompeo expressed his support for Youngkin’s candidacy at the event.

Pompeo will participate in a panel discussion on the impact of federal policies on Virginia, particularly addressing the ongoing conflict in Israel and how it might affect Virginians. The U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier strike group recently departed from the Naval Base in Virginia Beach for a scheduled deployment to the Mediterranean.

The retreat coincided with President Biden’s trip to Israel to reassure the country of the U.S.’s support in its conflict with Hamas. Pompeo welcomed Biden’s visit but criticized his response to the 31 Americans killed during surprise attacks by Hamas in Israel on October 7, characterizing it as a significant security failure and stressing the need for a serious response against those responsible in Tehran.

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