Ocean Reef Club: Where Privacy and Prestige Thrive

They have more money than freaking God out there and they act like they can do whatever they want

Ocean Reef Club Where Millionaires Rule the Waves
PHOTO - New York Post - Ocean Reef Club: Where Millionaires Rule the Waves
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In a shocking twist of events that has surely ruffled a few feathers, the retired doctor Scott Burke, who was recently caught in the company of guns, drugs, and some alleged party enthusiasts on his yacht, appears to lead a life of utmost secrecy and opulence within the confines of the prestigious Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida.

The Ocean Reef Club, a haven for those who don’t mind splurging tens of millions for a waterfront abode, boasts of a unique feature – privacy. Yes, you heard it right! Their website proudly proclaims that prying eyes are not welcome. Members, apparently, can finally find the peace and solitude they’ve been yearning for, far away from those pesky onlookers.

Locals have a lot to say about the Ocean Reef Club. According to one local resident who seems to know the place inside out, “They have more money than freaking God out there and they act like they can do whatever they want.” Well, when you’re on millionaires’ row, who needs rules, right? People visiting this utopia, it seems, occasionally forget that rules apply to them too.

Burke’s bubble of privacy, however, popped unceremoniously in Nantucket Harbor. It appears that in this distant water world, the rich and famous might not be as invisible as they’d like. Last Wednesday, police descended upon his 82-foot vessel, the Jess Conn, after a distressed woman dialed 911, claiming to be having a wild time with some substances and, unsurprisingly, wanted to exit this party pronto. To their shock and awe, the officers discovered not just a doctor’s prescription pad, but also some guns, cocaine, ketamine, and a sprinkle of “alleged” party professionals.

Natives of Key Largo believe that Burke had probably grown accustomed to being invisible in this Florida paradise, where even entering requires you to pass through security tighter than a bank vault. Some even mentioned that you must get your fingerprints taken just to get in. Such extravagance!

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Ocean Reef, with its private airport and multiple “championship” golf courses, apparently draws in the global elite. However, as a local mechanic points out, “That’s a secluded place. I can’t go there even if the owner invites me to go to the bar because of the regulations of the club. If you don’t live there, then forget it.” It seems that unless you have a private jet or you’re into week-long parties, you’re not welcome.

Gaining clearance to this exclusive club can be an ordeal, sometimes taking a week. Visitors, once granted permission, are escorted from the entrance to their secret destinations by security. No surprises here; they’re in a bubble, and no one’s popping it.

A brave New York Post reporter, attempting to infiltrate this fortress of privilege, was told to “take a long walk off a short pier.” Ouch, that must have stung! But hey, they’re just not expecting you, so don’t even try.

The local mechanic, who has his suspicions about what goes on behind those closed doors, emphasized, “I’m not surprised at all. I know something is fishy there. If you ask anyone around, you know something is fishy there.” Well, who can argue with such irrefutable evidence?

Living the life of luxury within the Ocean Reef Club comes at a steep price. For instance, there’s a humble six-bed, ten-bath home listed for a mere $35 million. A bargain, really.

And, just to keep things interesting, Burke’s address in the enclave is also shared by his wife and adult children. They also have a residence in Englewood, Colorado. Seems like the whole family is quite the jet-setters.

As for the Ocean Reef Club, they remain silent, offering no comment. Burke, on the other hand, has pleaded not guilty to the gun and drug charges. We wonder if he had to take the long walk off that short pier to the courtroom.

In a curious twist, records show that Burke was licensed to practice medicine in Colorado from 1981 until 2021, when he apparently decided to hang up his stethoscope. Before his retirement, he dabbled in spine and rehabilitation clinics and even dabbled in medical insurance. Quite the Renaissance man, it seems.

Furthermore, his 2021 Nordhvn yacht, which made quite the splash in Nantucket Harbor, arrived from Newport and has the Cayman Islands as its official residence. Because, you know, even yachts need a place to call home.

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