Trump Wins Nevada Caucus, Sets Sights on South Carolina

trump wins nevada caucus sets sights on south carolina
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Former President Trump is forecasted to win the Nevada GOP caucus, as reported by Decision Desk HQ. This follows fellow presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s loss in a primary in the same state, which did not count towards the nomination.

Haley was excluded from participating in the caucus due to her involvement in the primary, where she suffered a defeat to “none of the above candidates,” in accordance with the state GOP’s rules. Delegates for the Republican National Convention were only slated to be awarded to the caucus winner.

The proximity of the Republican primary and caucus dates, separated by only two days, has caused confusion among voters in Nevada.

Despite a recent state law aiming to conduct a presidential preference primary, the Nevada GOP opted to disregard the results of the state-run primary and proceed with its traditional caucus format.

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During a gathering in Las Vegas last month, Trump emphasized to supporters that their caucus vote held more weight than their primary vote.

Trump’s victory in both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary in January positioned him with 32 delegates out of the 1,215 needed for the Republican nomination. Nevada offered an additional 26 delegates, according to Decision Desk HQ.

Although the state GOP asserted that only the caucus results would impact delegate allocation, voters in the Silver State were permitted to participate in both the primary and caucus. Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo disclosed his intention to vote in both, supporting Trump in the caucus and selecting “none of the above” in the primary.

The split between the conflicting primary and caucus processes meant that Haley and Trump, now competitors in the Republican presidential race, did not directly compete against each other in Nevada.

Focus now shifts to South Carolina, Haley’s home state and the next in line to vote in the GOP calendar, with its primary scheduled for February 24. After trailing Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire, Haley faces inquiries regarding her prospects in the Palmetto State, where Trump maintains a significant lead.

Nevertheless, Haley has expressed confidence as the upcoming contest in South Carolina draws near.

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