Kanungu Magistrate and Two Others Narrowly Escape Accident

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Kanungu District Chief Magistrate, Her Worship Edith Mbabazi, 57, along with two others narrowly escaped a serious accident on September 22, 2023, around 3:30 PM, in the Northern Ward of Buhoma town council within Kanungu district.

The other individuals involved are Tusingire Warren, a 24-year-old driver, and a person named Confidence.

They were traveling in a white double-cabin motor vehicle with registration number UG 1144 J, which belonged to the Kanungu magisterial court, on official duty when the accident occurred.

According to reports, the vehicle overturned on the road after hitting the roadside due to brake failure.

The incident happened as they were returning from a locus at Isheshero to Buhoma.

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Elly Maate, the spokesperson for the Kigezi Region Police, confirmed that the Police were promptly notified, and the scene was visited by the Officer-in-Charge of Bwindi police post.

The motor vehicle was subsequently towed to Bwindi police post, pending an inspection by the Inspector of Vehicles.

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