Burkina Faso’s Military Junta Claims Foiling Coup Attempt

Burkina Faso Military Junta Claims Foiling Coup Attempt
Burkina Faso Junta Thwarts Alleged Coup Bid
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On September 27, 2023, Burkina Faso’s military junta stated that they had successfully prevented an attempted coup the day before. The junta did not provide detailed information about the thwarted coup.

In an official statement, the junta revealed that certain individuals, including officers, had conspired with the intention of destabilizing the country. They aimed to attack the Republic’s institutions and cause chaos. However, the statement did not disclose the identities of those involved, although it did confirm that some individuals had been arrested, and efforts were underway to locate others. The junta emphasized that ongoing investigations would reveal the instigators of the coup plot.

Subsequently, the military prosecutor reported that four people had been detained, while two others were evading arrest. Their statement mentioned that they had initiated an investigation based on credible allegations of a plot against state security, involving officers.

Earlier in the week, the junta had suspended the French news magazine Jeune Afrique, alleging the publication of inaccurate articles that discussed tension and discontent within Burkina Faso’s armed forces.

Following this suspension, thousands of pro-junta demonstrators took to the streets in Ouagadougou, the capital, and other areas to express their support for the junta. They cited rumors of a possible mutiny against the authorities.

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The current junta assumed power following two military coups in the previous year. These coups were partly triggered by a deteriorating insurgency by armed groups affiliated with al Qaeda and the Islamic State, which has led to instability in Burkina Faso and neighboring regions in West Africa’s Sahel region.

In early September, more than 50 Burkinabe soldiers and volunteer fighters suffered losses in confrontations with militants, marking the highest casualties in months.

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