Investigation Underway After Refugee Found Dead in Kakuma

investigation underway after refugee found dead in kakuma
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In Kakuma, Turkana County, the lifeless body of an adult man was discovered with visible injuries to the back of his head. The man’s identity remains unknown at this time. The police suspect he may have been killed at the scene.

The incident took place on October 10, and as of now, no arrests have been made. Authorities suspect that the victim may be a national of Burundi. To determine the cause of death and establish the man’s identity, his body was transported to the morgue at Lodwar County Referral Hospital.

This unfortunate incident follows a recent case where an Ethiopian refugee, Baricha Abdi Oda, aged 26, was found dead with stab wounds in the Nakwangat village within Lopur ward, located in the Kakuma camp. Baricha Abdi Oda had been stabbed in the stomach and chest, and his body was discovered in a thicket. Additionally, his missing motorbike raises questions about the motive behind the attack, which remains unknown.

Another incident in Kakuma camp involved an attack by an unknown number of gunmen, resulting in the death of a South Sudanese refugee named Francis Lado Abraham, aged 29. This incident occurred in Kalobeyei village 3 within the Kakuma refugee camp on the morning of August 30. Police are currently investigating the murder and are prepared to collaborate with South Sudanese authorities if the gang responsible is traced back to that area.

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To enhance the safety of refugees at Kakuma camp, the police have initiated various security measures.

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