Neighbor Testifies in Maxine Wahome Murder Trial: Describes Asad Khan’s Past Relationships as Violent

Maxine Wahome murder case Neighbour says Asad was violent towards girlfriends
Witness Shares Details of Violent Incidents in Maxine Wahome Murder Case
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In the trial of Maxine Wahome for the murder of rally driver Asad Khan, a neighbor named Chemutai Sogomo Chepkorir testified that Asad had a history of violent behavior in his past relationships. Chemutai, who lived next door to Asad since 2013, mentioned that Asad had been in six previous relationships that ended due to his violent character. Only one of these relationships lasted, and that was because he had a child with the woman.

Chemutai recounted the events of December 12, 2022, which led to Asad’s death. She described a disturbing scene of violence, with screams, loud pounding, and items falling. Broken glass even fell into her apartment from Asad’s third-floor unit. She also heard Maxine crying during the altercation.

Concerned for her safety, Chemutai called for help, contacting her cousin and the gate guard, Hassan Wesonga Oyugi, as well as the chairman of the residents’ association, Samuel Kimani Kihanya. Despite their efforts, the violence continued, with Asad hurling insults and screaming.

When asked who was screaming during the fights, Chemutai confirmed it was Asad. Eventually, the violence subsided, but the witness later noticed blood flowing from Asad’s apartment to the staircase. Neighbors came to Asad’s aid, carrying him downstairs with a doctor attending to his injured lower limb.

Hassan, the gate guard, also testified that they found Asad unconscious on the floor with blood all over when they entered his apartment.

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