Museveni Extends Executive Order Affecting Balaalo for Additional 20 Days

Museveni Extends Executive Order Affecting Balaalo for Additional 20 Days
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President Museveni has decided to extend the implementation of Executive Order 3, 2023, for an additional 20 days. The State Minister for Northern Uganda, Grace Freedom Kwiyocwiny, confirmed this extension on Sunday, explaining that the decision aims to allow President Museveni more time to review new reports concerning the Balaalo herdsmen’s activities in the region.

“The President has extended the deadline to give him time to go through the reports he has received since the last extension, which expired on September 30, 2023,” Kwiyocwiny stated. She also mentioned that an inter-ministerial team is working on developing the procedures for implementing the Executive order, emphasizing that all stakeholders will be involved. The extension comes after significant consultation to understand the implications of the order’s execution, resulting in a clear consensus.

However, the Acholi Parliamentary group has expressed opposition to this extension, suggesting it was done with malicious intent. Anthony Akol, the Chairman of the Acholi Parliamentary group, voiced their disappointment, stating, “As MPs from the region, our position is that the eviction must start, the Executive order must stand, and it must start working now. We are disappointed because the reasons for the extension are not clear. Saying that the president has not yet read the report is a cheap excuse.”

Executive Order 3, issued on May 19, had initially banned all Balaalo from Northern Uganda, citing issues of indiscipline and land grabbing. However, on July 2, President Museveni had deferred the enforcement of the expulsion of the Balaalo herdsmen from Northern Uganda, which had effectively neutralized his earlier directive in Executive Order 3.

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