Absa Bank Uganda Joins Green Hoima Campaign to Plant 50,000 Indigenous Trees

absa bank uganda joins green hoima campaign to plant 50000 indigenous trees
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Absa Bank Uganda has teamed up with Hostalite Limited, a web hosting company in a noteworthy endeavor called Green Hoima, which aims to plant 50,000 indigenous trees in Hoima City. This initiative is set to benefit 33 primary schools, 4 tertiary institutions, and 7 secondary schools across the city.

The launch of the Green Hoima campaign saw the participation of Absa’s Marketing and Customer Experience Director, Helen Basuuta Nangonzi. She commended Hoima City for their commitment to addressing climate change issues that have recently plagued the region, exemplified by the flooding of River Katonga, which adversely impacted transportation.

Nangonzi pointed out that the erratic weather patterns, deforestation, and the ongoing loss of biodiversity are pressing challenges that require immediate attention. The tree-planting event represents a significant step in mitigating these issues. By planting trees, they aim to enhance the natural beauty of the region, provide shade, and establish a legacy for future generations to appreciate.

Uganda, as per Global Forest Watch, had 6.93 million hectares of tree cover in 2010, covering approximately 29% of its land area. However, in 2022, the country lost 64.1 thousand hectares of tree cover, equivalent to 33.3 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The rapid population growth in Hoima has had a substantial impact on the existing forest cover. In the 2002 population census, Hoima City had 343,600 residents, and after the discovery of oil in 2012, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics reported a population increase to 548,800.

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In addition to the developments in the oil and gas sector, the city boasts a flourishing tourism industry with activities in nearby areas such as Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale National Park, and Budongo Forest Reserve, among other protected regions.

Absa Bank Uganda acknowledges the importance of environmental sustainability in the face of these developments. The bank recognizes the vital role that corporations must play in promoting a greener and healthier planet. Helen Basuuta Nangonzi expressed their honor in contributing to this initiative, aligning with Absa’s agenda to combat climate change and support environmental conservation.

She emphasized the significance of collaboration in building a more sustainable environment for the future, urging everyone present to consider this tree-planting event as a starting point for a sustained effort to protect and preserve the environment. Each tree planted signifies hope and a promise of a better tomorrow, a small act that, when multiplied, can make a substantial difference for communities and nations.

Brian Kaboyo, the Mayor of Hoima City, acknowledged that as Hoima is rapidly evolving into a cosmopolitan town, everyone is looking to be a part of the burgeoning oil sector. He commended Absa Bank for their contribution and encouraged other corporate entities to follow suit.

The Chief Executive Officer of Hostalite, Dickson Mushabe, reaffirmed his personal commitment and that of his organization under the Greening Africa sustainability project. They are strategically addressing the effects of climate change by focusing on Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action. The initiative called “Green Cities, Green Africa” supports organizations in planting trees and using innovative solutions to combat climate change challenges. They firmly believe that every tree planted will not only transform communities but also have a lasting impact on the planet.

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