TotalEnergies Achieves Safety Milestone on Tilenga Project

Tilenga Project Records 20 Million Safe Work Hours by TotalEnergies
Tilenga Project Records 20 Million Safe Work Hours by TotalEnergies
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TotalEnergies EP Uganda celebrated a major safety milestone on the Tilenga project. They recently completed 20 million work hours without any Lost Time Incidents (LTI). An LTI is when a workplace injury leads to over 24 hours of lost work time, permanent disability, or death.

This accomplishment is a substantial improvement in safety performance, coming 226 days after they reached the 10 million work-hour mark in January 2023. Experts in safety view this milestone as a crucial sign of the company’s commitment to health and safety policies and procedures.

Philippe Groueix, the general manager of TotalEnergies EP Uganda, stressed that safety is a core value for the company. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a culture of safety among their 8,000 employees and contractors to effectively identify and reduce risks in all their operations.

Groueix also highlighted that safety is essential for the company’s long-term sustainability. Achieving this milestone showcases their collective dedication to executing the Tilenga project without accidents. He credited this achievement to their organizational culture, risk awareness, adherence to safety rules, leadership commitment, training, and the involvement of all employees and contractors.

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Groueix underscored that the success of the Tilenga project hinges on maintaining a workplace free from injuries. He emphasized the significance of valuing human life above all else and looking out for one another.

Cyril Champigny, the Health, Safety, and Environment Director of TotalEnergies EP Uganda, commended the role of contractors in reaching this safety milestone. He highlighted that the company’s health, safety, and environment strategy depend not only on their staff but also on contractors, ensuring the well-being of the community.

Champigny noted that 94% of the work hours were carried out by contractors, demonstrating a joint commitment to minimizing risks and improving safety performance on the Tilenga project.

Kenneth Findlay, the HSE Manager of McDermott, one of the project’s major contractors, emphasized their dedication to world-class safety performance. He stressed the importance of leaving a strong safety legacy in Uganda through their work on the Tilenga project.

About the Tilenga Project:

The Tilenga project is being executed by TotalEnergies EP Uganda on behalf of the Government of Uganda in the Albertine Region. The project aims to produce 230,000 barrels of oil from the Ngiri, Jobi Rii, Gunya, Mputa-Nzizi-Waraga, Kasemene-Wahrindi, Kigogole-Ngara, Nsoga, and Ngege fields.

They plan to construct over 400 oil wells on 31 well pads to extract oil and gas resources. The first oil production is anticipated to begin in 2025. TotalEnergies EP Uganda is committed to carrying out the Tilenga project in accordance with national regulations, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Finance Corporation performance standards.

TotalEnergies EP Uganda is an upstream affiliate leading development activities for production in the Tilenga project area – Contract Area 1 (CA-1) and Licence Area 2 North (LA-2N) within the Albertine Region.

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