Akothee Confirms Husband’s Swiss Heritage, Disputes Pakistani Nationality Rumours

Akothee Confirms Husband's Swiss Heritage, Disputes Pakistani Nationality Rumours
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Akothee Sets the Record Straight on Husband’s Swiss Origins

Akothee, the popular artist known as Esther Akoth, has addressed ongoing rumors on social media suggesting that her husband, Omosh, is of Pakistani origin. In an Instagram post, she clarified her husband’s real name and his background, emphasizing that she has met his family members despite the online claims.

She revealed that Omosh’s actual name is Denis Eduard Schweizer and that he was born and raised in Switzerland’s capital, Bern, in the year 1988. Akothee added, “Pakistan ni wewe na njaa ya kwenu,” implying that the rumors about his Pakistani nationality are unfounded.

Furthermore, Akothee shared that Omosh’s mother is a single mother, similar to herself. She stressed that she has met his entire family and described his mother as a sweet and beautiful single mother. Akothee noted that she first met Omosh in Switzerland.

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Akothee explained that she had given her husband the nickname “Omosh” to safeguard his privacy before introducing him to her fans. She stated that Omosh has now removed himself from social media by deleting his accounts. Akothee urged her fans to respect her privacy and asserted that she would not participate in interviews discussing her marital life.

She concluded with a firm message: “You deserve no clarification of what happened anywhere. Dog barking about Omosh and Pakistan, get a life.” Akothee also warned that the Pakistani nationality rumor has given some people the wrong impression, making them think they can easily approach her.

The artist referred to a city man who had expressed his desire to marry her in a letter accompanied by a placard following divorce rumors. The man mentioned, “I recently learned that you are now single, and while I understand that personal matters can be delicate, I wanted to let you know that I’ve developed a genuine crush on you over the years.”

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