Zari Advises Women on Age Differences in Relationships

Zari Advises Women on Age Differences in Relationships
Zari Advises Women on Age Differences in Relationships
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Socialite Zari Hassan, who recently wed Shakib Lutaaya on October 3, 2023, offered advice to women, particularly those younger than her, regarding pursuing her husband. She cautioned against the idea of trying to take him away due to their age difference.

During a TikTok video on Friday, October 6, 2023, Zari addressed the issue, stating that people had been suggesting that others might try to “steal” her husband because she is older than him. She emphasized that men cannot be stolen, and infidelity is a matter of an individual’s character, unrelated to their partner’s actions. She urged women to understand that a man’s choices are his own, not influenced by his partner’s actions.

Zari also accused some women of being interested in men who are already in relationships due to the potential they see in them. She explained that women might develop an interest in a man solely because someone else is in a relationship with him. Zari emphasized that these women don’t genuinely love the man but are attracted to the idea of being with someone else’s partner.

Furthermore, Zari highlighted the strong connection she shares with Lutaaya, describing their relationship as that of friends who do everything together. She suggested that other women might not experience the same level of connection if they were to pursue him. Zari emphasized that men know who they want to be with and where they want to invest their resources.

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Lastly, Zari mentioned that she had previously warned “slay queens” who were pursuing Lutaaya in his Direct Messages (DMs). She claimed to have access to his DMs and noted that these women often disguised their intentions as business proposals to initiate contact with him.

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