Chinese Investors to Renovate Inzu Yamasaaba Headquarters in Mbale

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IMG 20230901 WA0008
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The Inzu Yamasaaba headquarters, which is the official palace for Umgiii His Highness Jude Mike Mudoma, will soon undergo a facelift. The official palace of Inzu Yamasaaba has been desolate and unkempt for about three years after the demise of Umkii Sir Bob Mushikor, who passed away in 2021 after concluding five years as a cultural leader for Inzu Yamasaaba.

About a month ago, the Government of Uganda gazetted Umgiii Mike Mudoma after court guidance. The clan heads were accordingly requested to mediate and settle on one rightful candidate in line with the Cultural Leaders Act of 2011 and the Arbitration and Conciliation Act Cap 4 of the laws of Uganda, among other enabling statutory provisions.

The cultural leader, after assuming his cultural duties in Bugisu, has also put in place a committee to handle the inauguration ceremony, headed by Dr. Kosea Wambaka, where the head of state is expected as the chief guest by early October 2023.

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Umgiii was invited to attend the launch of the Chinese industrial park factories in Mbale, where President Yoweri Museveni was the guest of honor. On the sidelines of the launch, Inzu Yamasaaba Prime Minister Ambassador Charles Walimbwa requested Chinese investors to help in the renovation of the palace, which idea was officially approved.

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The renovations are going to begin immediately because, during the upcoming inauguration as a cultural requirement, President Museveni will be requested to pay a visit to the reigning Umkiii in his official palace in line with Bugisu culture and other Bamasaaba norms.

During the upcoming inauguration, there are a series of demands that will be outlined to the head of state, and colloquially, President Museveni is indeed an old boy in Masaabaland since he significantly grew up in Masaabaland during guerrilla days. Issues to be outlined will include the construction of the official palace in Mutoto, which is very crucial because as an institution of culture, we need reasonable space, emphasized SG Herbert Mulekwa.

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Bamasaaba from Bulambuli to Webuye, Kenya, are warming up for the upcoming inauguration, where hundreds of cows will be slaughtered to celebrate the ascendance of the Mwambu lineage unto Inzu Yamasaaba leadership.

Umgiii has committed himself to uniting Bamasaaba from both Kenya and Uganda, who had been torn apart on account of political differences, especially in Uganda, where political parties like NUP and FDC have deepened the gulf among his subjects. He regretted this disunity recently during the burial of Hon. Irene Nafuna’s husband.

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Commitments so far fulfilled, the Government of Uganda has also secured the palace militarily by deploying new royal guards. Protecting Umgiii is the core principal, and the salary of the cultural leader has begun following, making Masaabaland more committed politically.

Written by Steven Masiga, the spokesperson for Inzu Yamasaaba Contact: 0706655811

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