5 Trillion Shillings Remain Locked in Legal Battles – Bank of Uganda

While the EU continues its financial support, the international community remains divided on how best to address the human rights violations caused by anti-LGBTQI legislation in Uganda.
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In a nation grappling with financial concerns, the Bank of Uganda has raised alarm over a significant amount of money entangled in the judicial system. A staggering 5 trillion Shillings, equivalent to approximately 1.3 billion US dollars, is currently embroiled in unresolved legal disputes within the country’s commercial courts.

The Bank’s Deputy Governor, Michael Ating-Ego, recently voiced his concerns about this financial gridlock, asserting that it is gradually suffocating the nation’s economy. This issue has triggered calls for urgent reforms in the disposition of commercial cases as a growing number of borrowers seek legal intervention.

As the legal quagmire deepens, Members of Parliament are becoming increasingly vocal about the necessity of addressing the problem to prevent further economic instability. This financial standstill is particularly concerning as it exacerbates the already fragile financial situation in Uganda.

The Consequences of Trillions in Legal Limbo

Issue Amount (Shillings) Amount (USD)
Money Locked in Courts 5 Trillion Approximately 1.3 Billion USD
Economic Impact Severe N/A
Calls for Reform Growing N/A


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It is evident that the stakes are high, and the consequences of inaction are severe. As these billions languish in unresolved disputes, the economic repercussions for Uganda are felt at every level, from businesses struggling to access capital to the potential threat to the country’s financial stability.

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