Akena Rejects Supreme Court Ruling Voiding His UPC Presidency

Akena Rejects Supreme Court Ruling Voiding His UPC Presidency
UPC President Jimmy Akena
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Jimmy Akena, the President of the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC), expressed his criticism of the recent Supreme Court ruling that invalidated his presidency. This ruling was a consequence of a 2015 High Court application, which was initiated by the late Joseph Bossa, the former Vice President of the party during Olara Otunu’s leadership.

Bossa, who passed away in October 2019, had submitted an application challenging Akena’s election as the party president in 2015. He had requested a judicial review of the UPC and its electoral commission.

Akena responded to the ruling by stating, “Because the ruling came on Friday, October 13, the impending time-bound electoral process is no longer relevant. I am, therefore, urging all UPC members to continue their efforts in preparing for the upcoming elections and to enhance our readiness for the 2026 elections.” He further mentioned, “We will soon call upon members of the National Council to prepare and establish clear activities for the 2026 election.”

In his critique of the Supreme Court decision, Akena, the son of the late President Milton Obote, asserted that the decision had been overtaken by subsequent events and was no longer valid.

Akena also dismissed his rivals, asserting that there is only one UPC, and members who subscribe to the party make their monthly contributions. He vowed to defend the party against those who wish to see it collapse, stating, “UPC is here to stay; they may wish me harm, they may oppose me, but I will do everything in my power to ensure that UPC continues to exist and is represented at all levels of government in this country. We have fought to keep this party, and I will continue to fight to keep UPC standing, as many of them want UPC to disappear.”

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Peter Walubiri, the President of the UPC faction loyal to Mr. Olara Otunnu, responded by saying, “It shows somebody can defy court orders from three courts and insists that he holds the office lawfully when courts said he is in office illegally. If you had been sentenced to 10 years and you run away after two years, can you say your imprisonment has ended? Any time they catch you, you go back to jail.”

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