Businessman Drake Lubega Denies Marriage, Court Rejects Alimony Request

Drake Lubega
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Businessman Drake Lubega has denied being married to Jalia Nagawa Lubega and has been spared from paying alimony, as ruled by Justice Elizabeth Kabanda of the Family Division of the High Court.

Ms. Nagawa seeks a divorce and had requested over UGX 180 million in alimony. However, the court declined her application, stating that the marriage is still under dispute, and the main case will continue on November 9, 2023.

Ms. Nagawa claims to have introduced Mr. Lubega to her parents in June 1984, following the Kiganda custom, and that they were married on August 1, 1989, also under a customary arrangement. She further lists 31 properties owned by Mr. Lubega that she wishes to be disposed of.

She alleges that during their time together, she endured cruelty, denial of conjugal rights, economic servitude, and violence, leading to several miscarriages. Ms. Nagawa contends that she played a significant role in the family business, which she is now unable to care for.

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Mr. Lubega’s defense refutes these claims, asserting that in 1984, he was already married and living with Peace Nalongo Lubega, with whom he has seven children. He states that he met Ms. Nagawa in 1992, and they cohabited for about a year before parting ways in 1993. He emphasizes that they had no children during their brief relationship.

According to Mr. Lubega, during their cohabitation, they were not involved in any joint business ventures, and Ms. Nagawa made no contributions to his businesses. He goes on to explain that in 1994, he met and later married Ms. Benita Lubega, with whom he had four children, although they eventually divorced.

Mr. Lubega firmly denies having conducted any business with Ms. Nagawa and asserts that she has no legal or equitable interest in his property.

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