Court Orders Three Ways Directors to Defend Against Shs7b Theft Allegations

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Two directors of Three Ways Shipping Services, Mr. Oscar Baitwa and Mr. Geoffrey Bihamaiso, are required to defend themselves against accusations of stealing $1,854,777 (Shs7b) from telecom firm MTN Uganda between 2009 and 2012. Justice Lawrence Gidudu of the Anti-Corruption Court ruled on Wednesday that he was satisfied with the evidence presented by the prosecution, linking the directors to 24 fictitious payments.

Allegations Against Directors
Theft of $1,854,777 (Shs7b) from MTN
Use of Unregistered Invoices and Bogus Airway Bills


The accused directors allegedly used unregistered invoices and bogus airway bills, not issued by any airlines or endorsed by customs, to fraudulently obtain money from MTN under the guise of clearing and forwarding services. The money, processed on MTN Uganda supplier payments, was traced back to Three Ways Company.

Key Points from Court Ruling
Money Processed Fraudulently
Unregistered Invoices and Bogus Airway Bills Used
Directors Liable for Facilitating Stolen Funds


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Evidence presented by the prosecution indicated that Oscar Baitwa was a principal signatory to Three Ways’ bank accounts, which were utilized to siphon money from MTN. Justice Gidudu held that the accused have a case to answer, emphasizing their liability for facilitating the exit of the stolen funds.

Ruling Highlights
Directors Liable on Count One
No Finding on Alternative Count
Conspiracy to Defraud Implicates Accused’s Company Accounts


The court ruled that the accused, as mandate holders, were likely aware of funds entering their company accounts without legitimate invoices. Keeping silent from 2009 to 2012 while significant sums of dollars were received for no work rendered renders the accused liable as links in the chain.

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