Court Overload Spurs Call for Cheaper, Win-Win Dispute Resolution

Newly Appointed Uganda Judicial Officers Tasked with Reducing 43,000-Case Backlog
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Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire from the Court of Appeal has advised the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to explore alternative methods for resolving disputes in order to alleviate the backlog of cases.

Justice Kiryabwire emphasized that the courts are currently overwhelmed with cases, and he proposed that the IGG should engage citizens in dispute resolution. This approach is not only cost-effective but also has the potential to result in mutually beneficial outcomes.

Speaking during the International Ombudsman Day in Kampala, Justice Kiryabwire suggested that the IGG should proactively address citizens’ complaints before they escalate to legal proceedings, as this approach is more economical compared to hiring lawyers.

Furthermore, Justice Kiryabwire recommended that the IGG mediate between citizens and government officials who are the subject of these complaints to ensure better service delivery.

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Deputy IGG Ms. Anne Muhairwe acknowledged the challenges faced by their office, including insufficient operational funds and difficulties in retrieving evidence for cases that occurred some time ago.

IGG Ms. Beti Kamya encouraged citizens to actively participate in the fight against corruption, emphasizing the need for collective efforts. She announced plans to collaborate with the public service to develop alternative strategies for combating corruption.

Prime Minister Ms. Robinah Nabbanja proposed the amendment of the Whistleblowers Act to provide rewards for individuals who disclose information preventing the embezzlement of public funds.

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