High Court Rules in Favour of St. Paul Medical Centre Owner in UGX 133 Million Dispute

Latif Abubaker Nakibinge High Court Kampala
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The High Court in Kampala has issued a ruling compelling a city businessman, Kenneth Bwogi, to pay UGX 133 million in damages to Paul Mwebe Bwogi, the proprietor of St. Paul Medical Centre. Justice Boniface Wamala presided over the case, which centered on the alleged mismanagement of properties belonging to the health facility.

According to Paul Mwebe Bwogi, upon his return from abroad in 2018, his nephew, Kenneth Bwogi, persuaded him to establish a medical centre. Mwebe agreed and provided UGX 134 million for this purpose, including the establishment of the medical facility and the purchase of a motor vehicle to support its operations.

However, a dispute arose when Kenneth Bwogi asserted ownership of the business and its assets. Paul Mwebe reported the matter to Wandegeya Police Station, leading to legal proceedings.

The two parties entered into a memorandum of understanding on November 4, 2019, in which Kenneth Bwogi agreed to pay UGX 128 million to Paul Mwebe Bwogi. An initial deposit of UGX 45 million was made by Bwogi, as documented in the agreement.

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Justice Wamala, in his ruling, stated, “In view of the above uncontested evidence, the conduct of the defendant in refusing to deliver up possession of the business and the motor vehicle, among other assets, to the plaintiff constituted a wrongful act that was inconsistent with the plaintiff’s right of ownership.”

The judgment favored Paul Mwebe Bwogi, and Kenneth Bwogi was ordered to pay UGX 83 million as the outstanding sum in compensation for the value of the business and assets that were allegedly converted. An additional UGX 50 million was awarded as general damages for conversion.

Furthermore, Justice Wamala directed that the compensation and general damages be paid with interest.

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