Lack of Respect for Court Registrars Raises Concerns

Court Registrars Express Concerns Over Lack of Respect from Colleagues
Court Registrars Express Concerns Over Lack of Respect from Colleagues
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Mukono court registrars have shared their worries about not receiving enough respect from their fellow judicial officers. This issue was brought up during a four-day induction event at Collin Hotel, where recently appointed registrars, deputies, and assistant registrars gathered.

Chief Registrar Sarah Langa Siu conveyed these concerns. She pointed out that some judicial officers, especially research magistrates working in various high court circuits, seem to prioritize assignments from judges over those given by registrars. She mentioned that these officers often do not attend registrar meetings, sign attendance books, or submit monthly reports to registrars.

Registrars have the important responsibility of overseeing and coordinating the operations of the Courts of Judicature to ensure that justice is delivered in accordance with the Judiciary’s mission. In response to these concerns, Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo emphasized that registrars should take full responsibility for their jurisdiction, invest sufficient time and interest in their duties, and hold research magistrates accountable for administrative matters.

The Chief Justice highlighted that unless a research magistrate is responding to a legal opinion, all administrative matters should be addressed directly to the registrar. Principal Judge Dr. Flavian Zeija also urged registrars to uphold the principles outlined in the Judicial Code of Conduct in both their judicial duties and personal lives, striving for excellence.

The induction, which began on Monday and is set to conclude on Thursday, involves 46 registrars, deputies, and assistant registrars appointed in the current and previous years.

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