Heavy Security Blocks Access to NUP Headquarters Ahead of Scheduled Commissioning

Heavy Security Blocks Access to NUP Headquarters Ahead of Scheduled Commissioning
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Security Lockdown Surrounds NUP’s HQ on Planned Inauguration Day

In a highly anticipated event, the new headquarters of the National Unity Platform (NUP) were set to be commissioned on November 2, 2023, by the party’s president, Robert Kyagulanyi, famously known as Bobi Wine. However, the occasion has been marred by a significant security presence and access restrictions imposed by the police and the army.

This contentious situation comes in direct defiance of Kawempe Deputy RCC Yasin Ndidde’s request for NUP to postpone the ceremony. Ndidde’s appeal for postponement was motivated by President Museveni’s scheduled visit to the area to commission a new factory plant at Harris International Limited, commonly known as Riham.

The scenario unfolding at the NUP headquarters underscores the ongoing political tensions in Uganda, where opposition parties like NUP face increasing challenges and confrontations from the government. The heavy security presence raises concerns about the ability of political parties to operate freely in a democratic society.

Security Presence at NUP Headquarters

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Date Security Personnel Restricted Access Points
November 2, 2023 High numbers of police and army personnel Access to NUP headquarters blocked


The situation also highlights a clash between the ruling party’s interests and those of the opposition. President Museveni’s visit to commission a new factory plant on the same day as NUP’s planned headquarters inauguration underscores the government’s efforts to overshadow opposition activities and maintain a tight grip on the political landscape.

Parallel Events on November 2, 2023

Event Location Organizer
NUP Headquarters Commissioning NUP Headquarters, undisclosed location National Unity Platform
Factory Plant Commissioning Harris International Limited, Riham Plant President Museveni


The clash between NUP’s determination to carry out its program and the government’s response to suppress it highlights the ongoing struggle for political expression and power in Uganda. It raises concerns about the state of democracy in the country, where political gatherings and opposition activities are increasingly met with security crackdowns.

Key Players in the Clash

Key Players Roles and Actions
National Unity Platform Sought to inaugurate its new headquarters
Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) NUP President and leader
Kawempe Deputy RCC Yasin Ndidde Requested postponement of NUP ceremony
President Museveni Scheduled visit to commission factory plant
Ugandan Government Imposed heavy security presence and access restrictions


The developments at the NUP headquarters on this particular day exemplify the growing friction between the government and opposition in Uganda, a challenge to the democratic principles and political pluralism the nation aspires to uphold. It remains to be seen how these confrontations will impact the country’s political landscape in the coming days and months.

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