Netball Federation President Ordered to Submit Passport and Property Documents to Court

uganda netball federation president ordered to submit passport and property documents to court
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Sarah Babirye Kityo, the President of the Uganda Netball Federation, is under scrutiny for alleged fraudulent false accounting involving shillings 186 million. Principal Grade One Magistrate Christopher Opit has directed Kityo to submit her passport and certificate of title to the court.

At the bail hearing held on December 1, 2023, Magistrate Opit granted bail to Kityo, stipulating that she must deposit her passport and certificate of title by December 6, 2023. This requirement is part of the conditions for her release.

Chief State Attorney Gloria Inzikuru from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) argued that the passport is necessary due to concerns that Kityo might attempt to flee. Kityo’s lawyer, Joseph Luzige, informed the court that her passport was with the British High Commission for travel purposes. Luzige asserted that Kityo had no intention of avoiding trial and sought bail on her behalf.

The allegations involve Kityo and other individuals currently at large, all connected to activities at the Uganda Netball Federation between December and November 2021. The group is accused of attempting to defraud by providing false accountability for sh186 million released by the National Council of Sports to the Federation. These funds were intended for the pent series and African National Championship held in Namibia, with the pent series aimed at boosting team rankings for the 2021 Commonwealth Games. Kityo has denied the charge.

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