Suspects in Busiika Police Attack Face Prosecution

suspects in busiika police attack face prosecution
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In a significant development on Thursday, October 19, 2023, the state has listed evidence against the suspects allegedly involved in the Busiika Police attack. The suspects, who face charges of terrorism, murder, and aggravated robbery, were committed to the Criminal Division of the High Court on October 18, 2023.

Prosecution has presented an array of exhibits as part of the evidence against these eight suspects, who were arrested in connection with the Busiika Police attack that occurred two years ago. During the attack, three police officers lost their lives, and the suspects absconded with firearms.

The exhibits, included in the indictment submitted to court, comprise stolen firearms from police stations, mobile phones, and motorbikes. These pieces of evidence are intended to be pivotal in the upcoming trial.

The prosecution, led by Mr. Ivan Kyazze, submitted the indictment, signed by senior state attorney Lino Anguzu, to the Chief Magistrate’s Court at Buganda Road. This document indicates that the investigations into the matter are now complete, and the prosecution is fully prepared to present evidence against the accused individuals in the next available High Court session.

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The list of exhibits further includes postmortem reports for the deceased individuals, CCTV footage, telephone records, and phone SIM cards registered under various names. Additionally, wreckages of burnt motorcycles and other related devices are part of the evidence presented.

According to court documents, these listed exhibits will be presented during the court proceedings in the case of alleged terrorism.

The accused persons are identified as Mr. Moses Katende Asuman, also known as Mao, Mr. Abdulatif Muzeyi Balikowa, Mr. Weduma Adam Guloba, Mr. Faisal Musana Mwanje, Ms. Aidah Nakamatte, Ms. Rahma Namuganza, Ms. Rahma Namala, and Mr. Kabwiso Abdulrahman, also known as Silver, alias Hassan, alias Kyuka.

The state’s position is that these suspects were members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group, a rebel organization. The state alleges that they were coordinating and carrying out activities after receiving training in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The indictment states, “Prosecution shall contend that all the accused persons indicted in this case are all members of ADF engaged in carrying out various but well-coordinated operations. Their actions are deliberate with a purpose to facilitate ADF in Uganda.”

The suspects appeared before Chief Magistrate Ronald Kayizi, who subsequently committed them to the High Court for trial.

The allegations against the group involve a series of attacks conducted between 2021 and 2023 in various regions of central and eastern Uganda. The suspects, often riding on motorcycles, allegedly targeted government facilities, equipment, security personnel, and police officers, leading to loss of lives and property. The group is also accused of attacking Kifuyo Police in Namayingo District and the convoy of Principal Judge Flavian Zeija at Kalandazi in Mpigi District on Masaka Road.

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