Mukono Residents Accuse Officials of Land Irregularities, Chairman Arrested

Mukono Lands Office - senior mukono district lands officer arrested over land title disputes
PHOTO - Mukono Lands Office
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In a recent development, Robert Mbaziira, the chairman of Mukono District Land Board, has been arrested following allegations of corruption and land irregularities. This arrest came after a meeting at Mukono District Headquarters, where residents expressed their concerns.

During the meeting, local residents complained to Lands State Minister Sam Mayanja about the corrupt practices of Mbaziira and the entire land board. They alleged that the board failed to verify the rightful land title holders, leading to the unauthorized distribution of land to multiple individuals.

Additionally, residents accused Mukono District RDC, Hajat Fatuma Ndisaba, of being involved in land grabbing activities in the district. They claimed that Ndisaba was working with wealthy individuals to intimidate those seeking assistance from her office, no longer representing the interests of the less fortunate. The residents requested her transfer to another district.

Hajat Fatuma Ndisaba denied the allegations, considering them false and an attempt to tarnish her reputation.

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Among the complainants was Mukono Diocese Bishop, Rt. Rev. Enos Kitto Kagodo, who expressed concerns about unidentified individuals encroaching on church land, particularly at Nakanyonyi and Kisowera Church lands. He pointed out that these acts were known to the district’s security forces, headquarters, and land governing bodies in Mukono and Kampala. However, no action had been taken to protect the church land.

Despite being asked to clarify the irregularities and provide documents related to contested land, Mbaziira failed to do so. This led to Mayanja ordering his arrest and detention at Mukono Central police station, resulting in jubilation among the local residents. Mayanja also issued an order to cancel all illegal land titles on public land.

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