Link Coach Bus Driver Filmed Texting While Driving: Suspended and Arrested

Link Coaches Bus
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A passenger’s video recording showed a Link Bus Services driver using his smartphone while driving. Using mobile phones while driving is a common cause of road crashes in Uganda, as stated by the police.

Increasing Traffic Offenses

In last year’s annual crime report, the police reported a 35 percent increase in common traffic offenses.

Suspension and Arrest

The driver of Link Bus Services, Mr. Andrew Jjemba, was captured on video texting while driving. The video went viral on social media, leading to his suspension from duty and subsequent arrest by the police. He was operating a bus with registration number UBG 188P, which was on the Kampala-Fort Portal-Kasese route.

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Link Bus Services’ public relations manager, Mr. Tom Best Aliinde, commented on the incident. He stated that the company learned of the viral video from social media and promptly initiated an investigation. Based on preliminary findings, Andrew Jjemba was suspended immediately. The company strongly condemned the driver’s actions, emphasizing that he had recently completed their annual refresher training. Jjemba’s conduct was not only reckless and dangerous but also tarnished the company’s safety standards and reputation.

Arrest and Charges

Police intercepted and arrested Jjemba at Kyegegwa Police Station around 11 am on Wednesday. He has been charged under Regulation 3(a) and 4 of Traffic and Road Safety (Restriction of Use of Mobile Telephone) Regulations, 2004, as confirmed by SP Michael Kananura, the Traffic and Road Safety spokesperson.

Mobile Phone Use While Driving

The use of mobile phones while driving is a major contributor to road crashes in Uganda, according to the police.

Alarming Increase in Traffic Offenses

The annual crime report for the previous year indicated a 35 percent rise in common traffic offenses. In 2022, the police registered 456,993 cases, up from 336,722 cases in 2021. Consequently, the number of road traffic crashes increased from 17,443 in 2021 to 20,394 in 2022. Among these crashes, 3,901 were fatal, 10,776 were serious, and 5,717 were minor in nature.

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