Stolen Baby Recovered in Kamuli: Community Efforts Lead to Reunion

uganda police force issues statement on recovered stolen trailer
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A stolen one-month-old baby has been recovered by the police in Kamuli, Uganda, following a community-driven effort to reunite the child with his mother. The incident occurred in Lusera Cell, Kitale Ward, Kasawo town council, Mukono district, after the child’s mother briefly left him in the care of her mother-in-law while collecting firewood.

The child’s mother, Sharon Akugizibwe, a 25-year-old housewife, reported the theft of her son on October 25, 2023. The child, who is the son of Alia Makwali Suruman and Akugizibwe, had gone missing when Akugizibwe returned home after a short absence. Police from Kasawo Police Station in Naggalama division initiated a thorough investigation into the case.

During the investigation, suspicion arose around Justine Babirye, who had been observed near the residence on the day of the incident and the previous day. Babirye initially claimed to be in Busoga but later stated that she was in an undisclosed hospital. Law enforcement authorities worked diligently in collaboration with the local community to trace Babirye, leading to her apprehension and the safe recovery of the stolen child.

Local residents in Nawanyago town, Kamuli district, played a crucial role in this operation. They observed Babirye with the baby during an argument with Robert Muwaire, to whom she had falsely claimed to have given birth. The vigilance of the community prompted them to question the authenticity of her claim, ultimately involving local leaders and law enforcement at Kamuli CPS.

The successful resolution of this case came to fruition as Babirye and Robert Muwaire were taken into custody on October 29, 2023. Both are currently held at Kasawo Police Station, while the stolen child is undergoing a medical examination and will soon be reunited with his mother, Akugizibwe.

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The Kasawo Police Station expressed its deepest appreciation for the diligent efforts of the local community, residents, and law enforcement agencies involved in the case. The unity and collaboration exhibited by all parties played an instrumental role in ensuring the safe return of the child and pursuing justice in this matter.

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