Truck Crash at Gulu Fuel Station Leaves Ten Critically Injured

Truck Crash at Gulu Fuel Station Leaves Ten Critically Injured Don Petrol Station
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On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, a truck accident at a fuel station in Gulu City left ten people in critical condition. The incident occurred on the Gulu-Juba Highway when a Fuso truck lost control and collided with the fuel station. The driver of the truck, who was transporting market vendors to Keyo market in Amuru District, is currently being sought by the police.

Eyewitnesses reported that the unidentified driver had overtaken two other trucks to reach Blessed Fuel Station ahead of them to refuel. According to Raymond Rackara, an eyewitness, the driver lost control when attempting to negotiate a corner at Customs Corner Roundabout, which is adjacent to the fuel station.

Rackara recounted the sequence of events, stating, “The vendors cheered the driver once the truck went past the two others but it could not brake. For fear that he would hit boda-boda riders and other roadside vendors at Customs Corner Centre, he risked and forcefully turned into the fuel station.” The truck’s wheels on the driver’s side were mid-air as it entered the station, causing it to skid and fall onto one of the fuel pumps.

As a result of the crash, ten vendors sustained critical injuries and were swiftly transported to Lacor Hospital for medical treatment. Three ambulances responded promptly to evacuate the injured traders. However, the driver, who has not been identified yet, fled the scene.

Yusuf Ishak, a traffic officer from Gulu Central Police Station, explained that although the truck was in a hazardous mechanical state, the accident was primarily caused by the driver’s recklessness. He stated, “We are looking for him because we have always sensitized and cautioned these truck drivers who ferry traders to distant markets to desist from overloading and overspeeding. If we fail to find him today, we will summon the vehicle owner to assist us in locating him.”

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By the time of reporting, the truck involved in the accident had been towed and was stationed at Gulu Central Police Station. The authorities at Lacor Hospital, when contacted to provide information about the injured traders, stated that the victims were still receiving emergency care, and their details were yet to be documented.

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