Man Allegedly Attempts to Kill Patient at Mulago Hospital, Arrested

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Bakabulindi Ivan, who allegedly sneaked into Ward 4A, Bed 49, with suspected intentions of harming Ikoba Samuel. Photo courtesy of The Ankole Times.
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Police at Mulago Hospital police station have arrested a man who attempted to murder a patient in Ward 4A at Mulago Hospital. The suspect, Bakabulindi Ivan, clandestinely entered Ward 4A, Bed 49, with the intention of killing Ikoba Samuel, a patient affiliated with Kampala University.

Bakabulindi Ivan is the son of James Kirumira, with whom he has a land dispute in Butanza, Luwero district. According to an alleged source, James Kirumira used a fake land title to sell the land to Ikoba Samuel. Ikoba took Kirumira to court, and the legal matter has been ongoing for over three years.

Last night, around 9:00 PM, Bakabulindi sneaked into Ward 4A, Bed 49, attempting to strangle Ikoba Samuel. Private security personnel from Askar Security Company, along with the police at Mulago Hospital police station, promptly arrested Bakabulindi Ivan after Mrs. Ikoba alerted hospital security.

A case of criminal trespass was registered under SD Ref. 16/03/12/2023. According to Mrs. Ikoba, this is the third time Bakabulindi Ivan and his father, Kirumira James, have attempted to harm Ikoba Samuel. She mentioned that they have been calling Ikoba’s phone, pretending to be relatives.

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OC Mulago Hospital Police Station, SP Ian Natukunda, informed our reporter in a phone interview at 4:43 PM on Monday evening that the PC CID is currently conducting an inquiry. He is at the ward in Mulago Hospital, striving to gather comprehensive information about the incident. Ian confirmed that the police have indeed arrested the suspect, Bakabulindi Ivan, stating, “He is with us here pending inquiry.

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