Masindi DHO Murder: Prime Suspect Extradited for Crime Scene Reconstruction

masindi dho murder prime suspect extracted for crime scene reconstruction
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The prime suspect in the murder case of Masindi acting district health officer Dr. Jino Abiriga, Martin Kipsanga alias Chesebe, has been extradited to Masindi. This key information comes from a source at Masindi police station, indicating that Kipsanga was transported on Friday morning and was scheduled to be taken to the crime scene for reconstruction.

Betty Cherotich, the widow of the deceased, was also observed accompanying Kipsanga to the scene of the crime at approximately 1:30 pm, surrounded by heightened security. However, media coverage of the event was restricted, preventing journalists from documenting this crucial phase of the investigation.

Amidst tight security, both Kipsanga and Cherotich were escorted to the crime scene, where hundreds of residents gathered at Masindi central police station to catch a glimpse of the suspects. The joint security team, composed of police and UPDF officers, closely guarded the individuals involved.

Kipsanga’s arrest took place on Thursday morning at Roko village, Kibulwo parish, Amananga sub-county in Bukwo district. The authorities believe him to be the prime suspect in the murder of Dr. Jino Abiriga, who was tragically killed on Sunday, January 7, 2024. Abiriga’s body was discovered dumped in a neighbor’s compound, marking a shocking and unsettling incident that has gripped the local community.

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The extradition of the prime suspect to Masindi signifies a crucial step forward in the ongoing investigation, with the intended reconstruction of the crime scene potentially shedding light on the circumstances surrounding Dr. Jino Abiriga’s untimely death.

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