Mob Justice in Omoro: Witch Doctor Attacked After Failing to Perform Magic

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A witch doctor yesterday survived being lynched by a local community in Wiato village, Tegot parish, Akidi sub-county, Omoro district.

The witch doctor, Okello Belmose, a resident of Kwania district, was hired by a boda boda cyclist identified as Okot Solomon to help him track down his stolen motorcycle.

According to the report, the witch doctor organized the community to witness his ability to track down thieves. He was paid by Okot Solomon before he organized the community.

However, after a few hours, nothing happened as he had promised. The local community immediately became concerned and accused him of being a con artist. They began beating, kicking, and punching him severely. He was rescued by the area LC1 chairperson, Bonny Otto, and later taken to Opit police station for further investigation.

Otto Bonny, the LC1 chairperson of Wiato, told The Ankole Times that Okello, who came from Kwania district, had a letter from the LC1 of his area, Opoko-pwen village, stating that he is a traditional healer.

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