Museveni Addresses Recent Security Incidents and Counterterrorism Efforts

museveni addresses recent security incidents and counterterrorism efforts
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President Yoweri Museveni addressed the nation regarding the security situation following bomb incidents in Kabalagala and Nabweru in his latest address. The President, also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, emphasized the government’s commitment to intensifying efforts to address the threat.

President Museveni reported that over the past week, Ugandan forces conducted seven attacks using various air platforms and one with medium-range artillery. These actions were aimed at countering terrorists who, in response, sent small groups of infiltrators, including one led by Njovu. The latter was injured and arrested, while three members of his group were killed. Security forces are currently pursuing the remaining members in the Kibaale National Park area. Another group, led by Kamusu in Congo, faced an attack on their camp.

Highlighting specific incidents, the President mentioned six air attacks at distances of 64 and 65 kilometers from the border, with a gunship targeting an area just 3 kilometers from the border.

The President revealed that other infiltrators collaborated with individuals within the country to plant bombs in Kikuba-mutwe, Kabalagala area, and Nabweru 2 cell. Fortunately, due to the vigilance of the Wanainchi (citizens) and the security forces, the two bombs detonated without causing harm. One of the bombs was planted near a pork joint.

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President Museveni commended the Democratic Republic of Congo’s President, H.E Tshisekedi, for cooperation in addressing the security threat. The President urged vigilance among the public, particularly in churches, markets, mosques, bars, and other public places. He emphasized the importance of establishments maintaining their security measures, encouraging continued vigilance until the threat is eradicated in Congo, referring to it as “the Lumbugu.”

As part of the security appeal, the President called on the public to be cautious and observant of strangers, stressing the need for heightened security in hotels and markets, consistent with the previously devised plans. The President emphasized the importance of maintaining vigilance until the complete eradication of the Lumbugu threat in Congo.

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