NDA Discovers Sexual Drug in Coffee

NDA Discovers Sexual Drug in Coffee
NDA Discovers Sexual Drug in Coffee
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In a plot twist that could rival the best of mystery novels, the National Drug Authority (NDA) has seized a shipment of L-Coffee that took ‘extra energy boost’ to a whole new level – by adding a dash of Tadalafil, a prescription drug known for its prowess in addressing erectile dysfunction.

While the innocent sachet of L-Coffee promised a fusion of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to kickstart the day, the Authority’s statement unveiled the not-so-secret ingredient: Tadalafil. It appears the coffee’s covert mission was to energize more than just the morning routine.

According to Abiaz Rwamiri, the NDA’s Public Relations Officer, their sleuth-like investigations revealed a clandestine plot. The coffee was discreetly packaged, and its final destination was none other than Uganda. Reports suggest that each box of this special brew could fetch up to USD 50 in the coffee-loving corners of Malaysia. The confiscated treasure trove amounted to a staggering seventy-five boxes, housing a grand total of seven thousand five hundred sachets.

The NDA has now stepped into the role of coffee connoisseur cautioning the public with a subtle grin. They’ve advised L-Coffee importers to gracefully recall and discreetly dispose of any mischievous sachets that might have slipped into the market unnoticed. Health experts chimed in, reminding everyone that Tadalafil is a bit of a temperamental star – best directed by a health practitioner due to its uncanny ability to stir up side effects, ranging from theatrical respiratory performances to unexpected cardiac dramas, and even a cameo appearance of urinary disorders. Quite the show!

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In the end, this episode serves as a reminder that even the world of coffee isn’t safe from unexpected plot twists. So, the next time you’re sipping your brew, remember, there might be more to your cup of joe than meets the eye.

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