Police Arrest Four in Connection with Church Disruption

Church Service Disrupted in Wobulenzi
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Police in Wobulenzi town have arrested four people who are suspected to have disrupted a confirmation service led by Bishop James William Ssebaggala, the caretaker of Luwero Diocese. The disruption was reportedly related to the nullification of the election of Rev. Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula.

On Sunday, Bishop Ssebaggala visited Trinity Church of Uganda Katikamu in Wobulenzi town council to oversee a confirmation service. However, a group of individuals arrived in a minibus and attacked the church, demanding that Bishop Ssebaggala leave the Diocese for the installation of Rev. Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula as the fourth Bishop of Luwero Diocese.

This led to a scuffle between the individuals and churchgoers. Police intervened, using live bullets to restore order. Four suspects have been arrested in connection with the attack and are facing charges of malicious damage to church property and trespass.

Following the incident, Bishop Ssebaggala confirmed over 100 children into Christianity and condemned the attack. He assured the children that it would not deter him from performing his duties until the Diocese gets its new Bishop.

The election of Ssemakula as Bishop was nullified due to allegations of misrepresented integrity during the nomination and election process. Some members of the Diocese have contested this decision, filing a petition with the High Court for a declaration that the nullification is null, void, and without legal effect. The High Court in Kampala is set to begin hearing the case on October 10th of this year.

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