Sebei Leaders Rally Against Female Genital Mutilation

sebei leaders rally against female genital mutilation
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Leaders in Sebei sub-region are intensifying efforts to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), particularly in remote areas where isolated cases persist despite government outlawing the practice in 2010.

Kween Resident District Commissioner ASP (rtd) Hope Atuhaire urged boys to join the fight against FGM, highlighting ongoing secret practices in areas like Kaptum and Tukumo. She emphasized the district’s comprehensive approach, including stakeholder engagement and mapping suspected FGM areas.

Religious leaders were also called upon to preach against FGM, while community groups received support for grassroots sensitization efforts. However, some elders noted the deep-rooted cultural attachment to FGM but expressed optimism about its gradual decline over time.

Youth initiatives, including campaigns and educational support, are crucial in combating FGM. Msichana Uganda’s “Pad Every Girl” project, distributing reusable sanitary pads to over 250 girls, integrates FGM eradication efforts. The organization empowers girls as peer educators to raise community awareness against FGM.

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Involving students in the fight against FGM is also emphasized, with Kwosir Girls School, commissioned by First Lady Ms. Janet Museveni in 2013, playing a pivotal role in sheltering and advocating against FGM in Sebei.

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