Tororo Man Murders Pregnant Wife and Takes Own Life

Domestic Dispute Ends in Tragedy in Tororo
PHOTO - Yahudu Kitunzi - Domestic Dispute Ends in Tragedy in Tororo
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In a distressing incident, local authorities are investigating an occurrence where a 23-year-old pregnant woman was reportedly murdered by her spouse before he took his own life. The man, identified as Micheal Ochwo, 27, and employed as a casual laborer, allegedly ended his wife Grace Adikini’s life during a domestic dispute.

According to reports, Ochwo, a resident of Kajarau South Zone in Mukuju Sub County of Tororo District, apparently collided with a fast-moving truck after the alleged act of killing his wife. The tragic event took place during a disagreement between the couple at their residence.

Police spokesperson for the Bukedi South region, Mr. Moses Mugwe, shared that Grace Adikini was discovered deceased with head injuries and surrounded by blood. Mr. Mugwe revealed the grim details of the incident, stating, “Today (Wednesday), we responded to two serious tragedies of murder and suicide. A man murdered his wife by hacking. It’s alleged that the couple was at home when they developed a misunderstanding and in the process, Micheal Ochwo used a pit axe to hack his wife on the head and the back, and died instantly.”

Following the violent act, Ochwo reportedly attempted to end his own life by hanging himself within the same household. However, he then fled the scene and threw himself under a speeding truck on the Tororo-Mbale road, resulting in his immediate death.

The crime scene was meticulously documented by Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO) and other police personnel, under the command of Tororo DPC Mr. Adam Kimuli. Among the recovered evidence were a pit axe, a slasher, and a blood-stained nylon rope.

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Both bodies, those of Micheal Ochwo and Grace Adikini, were transported to Tororo General Hospital’s mortuary to facilitate postmortem examinations.

Condemning the violence, Mr. Mugwe expressed, “We condemn acts of violence and, sadly, the perpetrator did injustice to his life before he faced justice in our courts of law.”

In response to the incident, Mr. Wilson Obonyo, the LC3 chairperson of Mukuju Sub County, advised couples to seek help from the authorities rather than keeping silent about their issues. He also cautioned the youth against drug usage.

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