Ugandan Military Warns Fishermen Against Illegal Activities on Lake Victoria

Immature fish Uganda - Ugandan Military Warns Fishermen Against Illegal Activities on Lake Victoria
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In a recent event at the Marine Training School in Kalangalo, Wakiso District, Maj Gen Jack Bakasumba, the UPDF Chief of Staff Land Force, addressed 65 trainees who had completed the Marine Basic Induction Course. During his speech, Gen Bakasumba cautioned fishermen about engaging in illegal activities on Lake Victoria, emphasizing that no one is exempt from the law while on the lake. He expressed concern that some fishermen were involved in unknown businesses, including illegal fishing, and sometimes resisted marine officers who were enforcing the law.

Gen Bakasumba reassured the audience that the UPDF would continue its operations through its officers and promised to ensure that anyone found guilty of violating the law would be brought to justice through the courts.

He also praised the UPDF Marine Brigade for its successful involvement in monitoring water bodies during foreign missions in Somalia and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Gen Bakasumba emphasized the importance of African nations working together to address security concerns and find solutions to African problems.

Brig Michael Nyarwa, the Commander of the Marines Brigade, stressed the significance of training in accomplishing missions and tasks effectively. He highlighted the role of the Marine Brigade in securing national waters and protecting onshore and offshore resources as part of the blue economy principles.

Lt Col David Kararira, the Commandant of the Marine Training School in Kalangalo, provided insight into the training the students underwent, including basic maritime navigation, international maritime law, Kiswahili language, swimming, physical education, military law, and more. He encouraged the trainees to uphold the ethics of the brigade and strive to be valuable contributors to the Marine Brigade’s force capacity building.

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