Woman Arrested in Connection with Nansana School Director Murder Case

Woman Apprehended for Alleged Involvement in Nansana School Director's Death
Woman Apprehended for Alleged Involvement in Nansana School Director's Death
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A 23-year-old woman has been taken into custody on allegations of poisoning and causing the death of the director of Victoria Secondary School Nansana, Godwin Kansiime. The tragic incident occurred after the two met in a bar, and it has led to further revelations in this unfolding case.

Kansiime’s life came to a tragic end on September 2, as he was found lifeless in Nansomba Village, Masulita Sub-county, Wakiso District. His body was subsequently transported to the KCCA Mortuary at Mulago, where his grieving family confirmed his identity. According to a post mortem report, the cause of his demise was poisoning.

The investigation into this untimely death commenced with a trace of Kansiime’s movements on that fateful day. It was revealed that he had been seen leaving a Nansana bar at 6:15 AM in the company of the suspect, as captured by a private CCTV camera system.

Following this lead, detectives were able to establish that Kansiime and the suspect had checked into a room at Nansana Inn Guest House, where they spent the night. The operators of the guest house and the security guard confirmed this information when questioned by authorities.

Suspicion began to mount when, later in the day, the room occupied by Kansiime was found locked, and all attempts to contact him proved futile. This led to the forced entry into the room, where Kansiime’s lifeless body was discovered. Subsequently, it was transported and left in Masulita.

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The investigation took a significant turn when it was revealed that Kansiime’s wife had sent him money through mobile money services. Shockingly, this money had been transferred to an unfamiliar account right around the time the body was discovered.

Deputy spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police, Mr. Luke Owoyesigyire, provided insight into the suspect’s motive. She admitted to placing a tablet in a drink that Kansiime had consumed at the Nansana bar. Her intent, she claimed, was to make him feel intoxicated, although she had not foreseen the consequences it would have on his health.

Furthermore, it has come to light that the suspect conspired with three other individuals in this tragic mission. Two of these suspects have already been apprehended and are currently detained at Nansana Police Station, facing similar charges.

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