Bugwere Cultural Leader Wayabire to Grace Kyabazinga’s Wedding in a Show of Unity

bugwere cultural leader wayabire to grace kyabazingas wedding in a show of unity
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Geoffrey Wayabire, the leader of the Bugwere Cultural institution (Ikumbania), has graciously accepted an invitation to attend the upcoming royal wedding of Kyabazinga Gabula Nadiope IV and Inebantu of Busoga, Jovia Mutesi. The auspicious event is set to take place on November 18, 2023, in Jinja.

Currently on an official visit to the United States, Wayabire expressed his unwavering commitment to ensuring his presence at the royal wedding of the Kyabazinga of Busoga. He has been diligently coordinating the logistics necessary for his attendance.

Revealing his dedication to strengthening the ties between the Bugwere cultural institution and the Busoga kingdom, Wayabire informed New Vision that he had instructed the Bugwere cultural institution’s prime minister to take the lead in organizing support for the upcoming royal wedding.

Expressing his gratitude for the invitation extended by Kyabazinga Gabula Nadiope IV, Wayabire commended the Kyabazinga’s support for the Bugwere cultural institution. He also took a moment to acknowledge the vital role played by Deputy Prime Minister Rebecca Kadaga in facilitating his late father’s ascent to the position of the first Bugwere cultural institution leader (Ikumbania).

Wayabire emphasized the shared cultural heritage of the Basoga and Bugwere communities, both being descendants of Bunyoro. He highlighted that despite the political boundaries that separate them, they share a multitude of commonalities, fostering a deep sense of unity and kinship.

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Leveraging this opportunity, Wayabire issued an appeal to the government, urging it to promote and preserve traditional leadership, norms, and practices. He believed that these cultural elements could serve as a catalyst for national unity and solidarity among Ugandans.

Partially revealing the contents of the letter he received, Wayabire disclosed that Busoga takes pride in its relationship with the Bugwere cultural institution, despite its relatively young age. He expressed the desire of both institutions to nurture and expand their bond, with their presence at the royal wedding further cementing their connection.

Wayabire went on to advise the central government on the importance of bolstering traditional and multicultural leadership, as this would facilitate the integration of the nation. He emphasized that without such support, the energy and efforts of cultural leaders would be hampered in their mission to lead their subjects towards prosperity, in alignment with the government’s objectives.

Concluding his statement, the Bugwere cultural institution leader underscored the significance of the government’s role in encouraging individuals to appreciate their origins, culture, and heritage. He stressed that nurturing nationalism and cultural identity is a crucial aspect of national development, essential for breaking the metaphorical “dry ice” that might hinder the fruition of government programs.

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Mugombesya Michael
Mugombesya Michael
29 days ago

Thank you for the information