President Commends Natasha Karugire for Cultural Preservation

president commends natasha karugire for cultural preservation
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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has praised Natasha Karugire, the founder of the Heritage Foundation, for her efforts in preserving and promoting Ugandan culture. The President expressed his congratulations during the launch of the “Pacu” album at State House Entebbe on November 11, 2023. The album, curated by Steve Ayeny and other musicians under the Heritage Foundation, features music from Acholi and Lango communities.

President Museveni emphasized the importance of reconnecting with African roots, citing historical weaknesses that allowed colonialists to exploit the continent. He shared personal experiences of reintroducing his children to Ugandan culture after the National Resistance Army’s victory in 1986.

Natasha Karugire’s dedication to cultural preservation was commended, with President Museveni highlighting her interest in music and the launch of an album featuring over 130 traditional songs. The President also called for the promotion of Swahili as a regional language while preserving indigenous languages.

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo commended President Museveni for raising responsible citizens and urged Ugandans to embrace their culture without succumbing to cultural imperialism.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Norbert Mao praised Natasha for raising awareness about the threat to African culture. The Minister acknowledged President Museveni’s role in empowering the youth and preserving African heritage.

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In her response, Natasha thanked the President for hosting an event that shines a light on Uganda’s diverse culture. She emphasized the importance of appreciating and valuing cultural diversity while promoting unity. The Heritage Foundation, established a year ago, aims to showcase the positive aspects of Uganda’s rich cultural tapestry.

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