Bunyoro Kitara Bishop Samuel Kahuma Bids Hoima Deanery Farewell Ahead of Retirement

Bunyoro Kitara Bishop Samuel Kahuma 1
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The Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, Rt. Rev. Samuel Kahuma, has bid farewell to clergymen and their wives in the Hoima deanery as he prepares for retirement in August this year. During the farewell, Bishop Kahuma encouraged the clergymen to resist conforming to societal patterns and instead be agents of positive change.

Quoting Romans 12:2, the bishop highlighted the need for clergy to avoid shortcuts and urged them to be mediators, renew their minds, and share responsibilities with respect, recognizing the diverse talents bestowed by God. He emphasized the importance of unity and calmness during the transition period.

The dean of St. Peter’s Cathedral, Rev. Capt. Eric Twine, praised Bishop Kahuma for the significant development initiatives implemented during his tenure. Seven parishes were established in the Hoima deanery under Kahuma’s leadership, contributing to both spiritual and earthly development.

Rev. Jacob Ateirweho and Annet Mutagaywa expressed gratitude for Bishop Kahuma’s impact on the diocese, gifting him a cow as a farewell gesture. The bishop’s retirement marks the end of an era, with the community recognizing his contributions to the spiritual and physical growth of the diocese.

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