Church Leader Urges Thoughtful Parenting

Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu - Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has advised married couples to be mindful of the number of children they produce, emphasising the importance of responsible parenting.
Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu warned against having too many children if the couple cannot take good care of them. He said that having too many children can make it difficult to raise them properly.
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Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu of the Church of Uganda has given advice to married couples about raising children. He said it’s important to think carefully about how many children to have and how to care for them properly.

The Archbishop warned against having too many children if parents cannot take care of them well. He explained that this could make it hard for both the parents and the community.

Some people think that having many children means they are rich. But the Archbishop said that having lots of children without giving them good education and care could be difficult for parents and the community.

He suggested that having a smaller number of children, like four or five, allows parents to give each child the attention they need, including education.

The Archbishop also advised against putting pressure on spouses to have children of a specific gender. He said every child is a gift from God, and their gender should not determine how they are treated or what they inherit.

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He encouraged men not to worry about who would inherit their property and warned against competing over gender when having children.

The Archbishop called on parents to treat both boys and girls equally and raise them to be responsible citizens who contribute positively to their families and communities.

He said that just like well-trained football players perform better, well-nurtured children will become valuable members of society.

The Archbishop also talked about poverty and said hard work and farming can help fight financial difficulties. He encouraged people to embrace agriculture and learn vocational skills like carpentry, tailoring, and hairdressing, as these skills can provide a stable income at any age.

Archbishop Kaziimba shared these ideas during his visit to the South Rwenzori Diocese, where he inaugurated various projects and a Children’s Church at St. Luke’s Kigoro Church of Uganda.

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