Church of Uganda Opposes Government’s Plan for Contraceptives Access by Young Girls

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The Church of Uganda has raised objections to the government’s recent announcement about allowing girls as young as 15 years to access contraceptive services. The Archbishop of Uganda, Rev. Dr. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, expressed his concerns during the 24th graduation ceremony at Uganda Christian University Mukono, where 986 students received Diplomas, Degrees, Masters, and PhDs. Of these graduates, 527 were female, and 459 were male.

Dr. Kaziimba questioned the policy, stating that it might promote immorality among young children and dilute African values. He urged the government to reconsider its decision, emphasizing the importance of protecting young girls and encouraging them to guard themselves against sexual corruption, exploitation, and devaluation, which could disrupt their future and integrity as valuable contributors to society.

Furthermore, Dr. Kaziimba pointed out the inconsistency between the government’s contraception policy and Ugandan law, which prohibits marriage before the age of 18. He raised concerns about allowing girls below this age to access contraceptives.

The retired Archbishop, Dr. Henry Luke Orombi, who served as the guest of honor at the graduation ceremony, encouraged the graduates to prioritize service to the community and maintain a focus on their goals. He urged them to build a positive reputation and remain faithful in their endeavors.

The Vice Chancellor of UCU, Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, emphasized the significance of the knowledge, skills, competences, and values that the graduates have acquired at the university. He encouraged them to be agents of positive change in the country and not contribute to its problems.

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